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Create a highly optimized Google Ads Campaign to get more clients!

We fine tuning Google Search Ads Campaigns using "Long Tail" strategy, and high performance landing pages.

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Google Ads Campaigns

how does it work?

You can appear at the top of the Google Search results with Google Ads but, as many others competitors, you need to be the best options to the client to be the first one. We have experience improving that!

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You may be wondering some of these things related to our services or technical terms.

Long tail is the term used to talk about “more specific words”. So, related to Google Ads search campaigns, we are talking about more specific words, showing more specific announces, and receiving the leads on specific landing pages.

This strategy is very intuitive, because users are looking for something very specific, so we need to show our specific offer to them. If not, they are not ready to sell, so we don’t show us, and don’t lose money with them.

We have a flat price, no matters the amount of investment you do on Google. The price is $1,000 every month for:

  • Create the strategy
  • Study and select the best long tail words
  • Suggest optimizations to landing pages
  • Create the campaign
  • Make continuos optimization to yor campaign

You will have a dynamic report were you can see every detail about it. Also we will have a monthly meet with our suggestions and your feedback, and, for sure, you cant contact us when you need and take extra meetings.

We know you will have many contacts and will be happy with our service, so we expect to have a long term relationship. But if you decide to terminate the contract, the minimum duration is 6 months, time in which an efficient campaign can be developed in a good way.

No, the flat price don’t include web development service, only the suggestions.

But, we have a lot of experience on web design and development optimized for marketing campaign, so we can take the challenge if you need, and create the best sells funnel for you. It will cost you depending on your needs, so we need to talk about it,

More than 20 years on the market!

Our satisfied clients speak

We have helped hundreds of companies achieve their goals with high-performing websites and Google Ads campaigns.

Annabella Zaccarelli
Annabella ZaccarelliGressus Consulting

I can recommend Eukadi 100%. They have extensive knowledge in Google Ads and performance. They are an excellent agency.

Manuel Slimming
Manuel SlimmingITF-Labomed

I highlight the constant support and innovation in the different digital campaigns that we have carried out together and the professional quality with which they work.

Miguialys Hiedra
Miguialys HiedraBelladent

I appreciate the large portfolio of clients we have received thanks to Google Ads campaigns and being able to retain them.

Leah Nichilo
Leah NichiloAPEM Foundation

We are very happy with the services that Eukadi has provided to our foundation.

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